Rugs online Cape Town

Knowing how to design a rug enables you to produce beautiful floor coverings for your home. Not only that, but buy designing your own and making rugs online, you are certain that the style and colors match well with the theme of your room, or at least with your existing decor and color scheme.

Rugs can be used in many different ways in your home, ranging from very large rectangular shapes to cover the bulk of a living room, lounge or bedroom, to small areas that cover specific strategic areas of a larger room. Many people do not like the concept of fully fitted carpets, feeling that they offer too much ‘sameness’ of design over a large floor area.

Rugs Prevent Sound Reflection

However, the same would be true of 100% wood floor, whether laid with sanded and varnished planks or hardwood blocks. Not only that, but a fully wooden floor surface is liable to generate echoes and reverberation of sound, particularly with painted rather than papered walls. A beautifully designed rug can look superb if lain in a central position in a room, displaying the beauty of the wood as a border around the rectangular carpeting.

Oval rugs are also very popular, and many oriental rugs are hand-made in oval shapes as well as in squares and other rectangular shapes. They too can be used on wooden floors, both to add to the general decor of the room and to help deaden sound. If you have a high quality hi-fi stereo set you will not want much reflection of sound waves from the walls and floor of your room.We offer best handmade rugs online Cape Town at Tirmah Shop.

A rug can help reduce this to an acceptable level, particularly important if you enjoy classical or orchestral music. How can you design rugs yourself, and make sure that they will match whichever style and decor that you want them to?

How to Design a Rug Online

There are certain websites online that permit you to purchase rugs made to your design: in other words you are virtually making rugs online. You do not have to actually make your rugs, but you can state their sizes (within certain specifications), colors and designs. Many companies enable you to design your own rugs online and then have them made for you.

Here is how a typical online furniture store offers to make rugs for you to match your home decor, and also match the furniture the store provides. You don’t even need a pencil and paper – only a computer, laptop or even an iPad, and then you are all set to design your own rugs online.

Before tackling this, you should first decide on your color scheme, because your rug should match well with the general decorative style of your room. Take everything onto consideration: your wall coverings, color of the upholstery and also the general theme of your room, if you have one.

You should have literally hundreds of colors and shades available, so color should not be a problem. Once you have a general idea of the general color scheme you prefer to use, you are then ready to start to design a rug.

Dimensions, Theme and Design

The first step is to decide on the dimensions: the size of your rug will depend on the size of your room. As mentioned earlier, some people will floor an entire room with hardwood blocks, and then place rugs in strategic positions for walking on. Others will use wood blocks or felt to surround the main floor area, with less expensive flooring in the middle, and then cover that with a larger rug.

Once you have decided the size of rug most appropriate to your needs, you can choose a theme or a design. You might want your rug made in the design of a favorite painting or even a photograph: the rug manufacturer can convert a jpeg file into a rug to your dimensions. You might have created your own design, but are unsure how to convert that into something lasting. You can design a rug in any way you want, or simply choose from one of the stock patterns offered by the company concerned.

Adapting Oriental Rug Designs

A furniture company such as L. & J. G. Stickley may offer a selection of oriental carpets, such as Chinese and Persian, and such firms that also provide a bespoke service enabling you to make rugs online will often allow you to make a rug using their designs – but in your personal color preferences. So if a specific oriental rug is offered in a certain red and gold design at 14 ft x 10 ft, you can have it produced at 10 ft x 8 ft in blue and gold, to suit your own blue sectionals and general room d├ęcor and size.