Rose Hip Oil Benefits

Aromatherapy is an alternative way to treat many common ailments. Although it is not recognized in many countries as a valid form of medical treatment many people derive therapeutic relief from applying essential oils to the body or by creating scents or aromas to change the spirit. One such essential oil that has been popular for many centuries is rose hip oil. This article will discuss how rose hip oil is created, some ways to use it and the benefits that might be derived from it’s use.  hip cream

Rose hips are the name for the seed pods that are left on a rose bush after the leaves have fallen away. The oil that is extracted from rose hips, sometimes referred to as rose mosqueta is considered to be nutritious, consisting of 80% essential fatty acids and high vitamin C content. The oil is extracted by cold pressing the rose hips. The major benefits of rose hip oil are for the skin. Many products are created in the anti-aging industry that use rose hip oil because it contains fatty acids. Fatty acids are thought to be good at regenerating the skin and thus smoothing out lines and wrinkles. They can help to rejuvenate aging skin.

This is also thought to be good for soothing and healing scars and burns by applying it to the affected area. Recurring complains like dry skin and eczema can also be soothed and treated with rose hip oil. It can also act as a balm for acne flare ups.

It can be used on the skin as part of a moisturizing cream or skin care product or as an essential oil in it’s own right. In terms of the skin care product, follow the instructions on the packaging but in most cases it involves massaging the cream into the affected area. The essential oil is a fine and watery oil that is easily absorbed into the skin. It can be rubbed into the skin in small quantities. It is thought to be a non-irritant to the skin but always do a patch test before using it and follow any guidelines on the bottle or packaging. A few drops can be rubbed into the skin. This allows the skin to breathe whilst having healing affects at the same time.

Rose hip essential oil is a useful oil for skin care. You will probably want to get the oil in it’s pure state to get the full effect of it however it is readily available as a compound of other creams and moisturizers.

Aromatherapy and essential oils can be used to heal a range of ailme

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