Breast Cancer – Treatment Options Available to You

Millions of women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Being diagnosed with this type of cancer can be one of the most difficult times in the life of a woman. Fortunately, with advances in medical science, the disease is perfectly treatable successfully. There are thousands of instances of women, who have survived this dreaded cancer and come out winners in life.

The treatment procedure for breast cancer usually varies from person to person based on the stage of cancer. A thorough diagnosis is first needed in order to confirm and then specify the stage of the cancer. A qualified oncologist is the best person to consult in case you feel that you have any of the symptoms of this cancer.

Lumpectomy is the name of the surgery that is used for removal of just the lump. This is the procedure that is followed in a vast majority of cases. There could be cases, when the removal of the entire breast may sometimes become necessary. This is known as mastectomy and is one of the prescribed treatment options for this type of cancer.

The treatment for breast cancer usually Dr Vikas Goswami does not stop with surgery. It is followed by radiation therapy. This therapy is used in order to ensure that the cancer does not relapse. The technology involved in radiation therapy consists of targeting the tumor area with gamma rays. The radiation helps in eliminating traces of cancer cells that may have been left behind even after the surgery in the area.

Based on the stage and type of breast cancer, chemotherapy is another treatment procedure that is often prescribed. Chemotherapy can be used before or after surgery. It is also sometimes used as an alternative to surgery too. In several cases, hormonal treatment is also prescribed after chemotherapy too.

Rapid advances in medical science have meant that there are now more advanced methods of treating the cancer that are being found effective. Targeted therapy is one such treatment method where specially designed antibodies are used to slow down the process of growth of cancer cells. This therapy is usually used along with chemotherapy. The combination has been instrumental in improving the survival rate in several cases.

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