Article Marketing Strategy

This article is oriented toward online article marketing strategies. Article marketing is where you are trying to sell something and using article writing strategies to set up the reader to go to the sales page in an “eager-to-buy” state of mind.

There are lots of good ways of writing articles but I will ignore them in this article in the interests of writing a good marketing oriented article.

You can write good, entertaining articles forever and you will entertainment articles become famous and entertain a lot of people, but unless you write good articles from a marketing point of view you will never make the big money.

What is a good marketing oriented article?

An article that sells something is focused on a burning question or desire inside your targeted reader.

So, the key is to first define who your target audience is, then figure out what is bothering them…really bothering them deep inside their psyche.

You need to know the heart of your target audience. You need to feel with them. Get inside them and live their life. Feel the frustrations. Feel the hurt…the anger. You need to be in their mind and think like them.

How do you get to that state of mind and state of emotions? Frankly, if you want to do it right, you need to get involved with real people who are in that situation.

You need to meet with them. Read what they read. Chat on the forums they hang out on. Read their Twitter feeds. Read their books and if possible, do what they do that causes them the grief that is making their life miserable.

You may have taken Internet marketing courses where they tell you to build your business around your passion? This is why they say that.

If you are going to have a successful business, you need to solve somebody’s problems. Not just any problem. You need to solve a burning problem that is strong enough to motivate them to take action and pay you money.

Actually, even that is not enough. You need to solve a problem that needs many solutions… where your target market is constantly craving a solution but psychologically it is impossible for them to ever be fully satisfied. So they keep buying from you over and over again in the hope that they will somehow find that which realistically can never be found. (Now that’s a good business, isn’t it?)

For example, if you look at the weight loss market, you will find that no matter how fit a person is, they are always tuned in to the next thing that will help them keep the weight off or lose even more weight. No matter how much a person achieves in their quest for a beautiful body, somehow they are never satisfied.

The “make money” market is like that as well. People will buy course after course but they are always hungry to buy more. There is always the next level to be achieved…the next big thing that will revolutionize their business and their life.

If you are going to write a good marketing oriented article, you need to be part of the target market.

This way you are always tuned in to what your target market is craving deep within.

When you write your article marketing articles, tap into the feelings you had when you first got involved with your subject, your passion.

Take note of your current challenges and frustrations. Write about them. Get personal. Let people feel your feelings. Tell them about what worked for you and what didn’t.

Finally, show them how they can solve one or more of the problems, frustrations or issues they have been facing by clicking on the link you provide.

Give them some hope and allow them to explore a solution that worked for you.

That’s how you write an article marketing article that serves people and helps them have a better life. That’s how you write an effective marketing oriented article. Genuinely help people… and they will buy the products you recommend.